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Well, of course I didn't stick to my resolution thus far, but I haven't
given up hope.  To be honest, we've had a few changes going on to the site
and adding anything new the last couple weeks wasn't going to be a good
idea, so I decided to hold off.  Not to mention I've been sick.  It's now
been 38 days straight that I've felt horrible.  Thirty-eight days ago I
received my first allergy shots in hopes it would help me breathe easier and
make training more manageable, but that wasn't the case.

The allergy shots suppressed my immune system further causing my Lupus to
flare and now I'm just sick constantly.  So, back on prednisone again to get
the symptoms under control.  It's not working as quickly as it usually does,
but I know it will kick in eventually and hopefully I'll be able to start
training consistently again.  I've been doing what I can.  Two weeks ago I
rode 86 miles on the spin bike and ran 5 miles afterwards.  I actually had
one of my best runs in a while.  By the next day I was wiped out and couldn'
t move, but at least I got a solid training day in.  This past weekend, I
rode 43 miles on the spin bike and ran about 3 ½ miles inside because we had
another snowy and cold Saturday in the Burgh.  Sunday I tried to run 12
miles.  Got in 11.5.  It was freezing out which isn't good for me and my
swollen joints when I'm flaring up.

Anyhow, things are moving along.  I'd like to say I have some races coming
up, but at this point I can't commit to anything, not even Worlds until I
know I can train the way I need to.  We'll see what happens.  Let's hope by
next week I can swim, bike and run normally and start on a training program
that will get me to Spain in July.

Thanks for reading!


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